"Stability, growth and public services” says the Chancellor, but the future for vulnerable children left in doubt

NCB's CEO, Anna Feuchtwang shares her response to the Chancellor’s Fiscal Statement and it's impact on children's services.

"Time and again, the nation’s most vulnerable children find themselves on the wrong side of difficult decisions.

“The Chancellor has rightly uprated benefits in line with inflation so that those with the very least will now have some protection against rising prices.

“Similarly, investment in children’s education will provide some relief for headteachers across the country struggling with their budgets, and extra NHS funding will help provide welcome mental and physical health support to children and young people.

“But with little mention of children’s social care during the Chancellor’s speech, services that help to protect vulnerable children and families have been left uncertain about how much social care funding will trickle down to them, as inflation and rising demand continues to eat into the amount of money they have available.

“Whether in children’s social care, mental health services, or the SEND system, far too often spending is concentrated on the most complex and expensive services, when young people and families have already reached breaking point. This means fewer resources for preventative work and fewer early intervention services, leading to further escalation of needs and increased costs. The Chancellor has missed a chance to put this right.