Sex Education Forum statement on NSPCC research finding large numbers of teenage girls experience sexual coercion in relationships

Lucy Emmerson, Coordinator of the Sex Education Forum said:

"Disturbingly, this new research shows just how widespread experiences of relationship abuse are for young people and the disproportionate impact on girls and young women. We know that many young people leave school without having learnt about consent or discussing what is 'good' or 'bad' in a relationship. Addressing these subjects needs to begin in primary school, starting with family and friendships, boundaries and the difference between safe and unwanted touch."

"However, with relationships education optional in primary schools and only a few biological topics required at secondary level, the quality and quantity of sex and relationships education young people get is down to the luck of the draw. We are calling for a change to legislation that makes Sex and Relationships Education statutory in all schools, and call on all political parties to make a commitment to this in their manifestos."