Sex Education Forum established as independent charity

This is the beginning of an exciting chapter in the story of the Sex Education Forum (SEF). Having been part of the National Children’s Bureau for the past 34 years, SEF will now be operating as registered charity number 1193467.

We’ve achieved a lot together in that time, including leading the game-changing campaign to make statutory RSE a requirement for every school.

At this pivotal moment, both SEF and NCB believe it is right to establish SEF’s own organisation and governance to bring an even greater focus to the task of ensuring this statutory requirement delivers quality relationships, sex and health education for all children and young people.

This education is as vital now as it has been at any moment in SEF’s 34-year-history. The importance of teaching children to grasp gender equality and understand power and respect in relationships is painfully evident. Statutory RSHE presents an incredible opportunity to address these issues right at the start.

NCB is proud of having brought the Sex Education Forum to this point and excited at the prospect of working in partnership with the newly-established charity to keep RSHE high up the political agenda and ensure it delivers a better childhood for the UK.

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