Queen’s Speech: recovery plans biased against children

NCB reaction to the Queen's Speech

Too much of the government’s policy programme outlined in the Queen’s Speech ignores children and young people. Measures to improve integration between the NHS and adult social care, boost home ownership and encourage adult education will do little to assure the next generation that they will be able to play their part in society, reach their potential or enjoy good life chances.

The Government assures us that the levelling up agenda applies to all those who are disadvantaged, yet the perception remains that it’s targeted at certain areas. With glaring levels of child poverty within communities across the length and breadth of the country, the Queen’s Speech should have done more to reassure those on low incomes that they won’t be overlooked wherever they live and that all areas of inequality will be levelled up. We urgently need a cross-government strategy for all children, targeting all aspects of their lives, not just those in living in certain places.

NCB's policy team will be analysing the policy plans in detail over the coming days - watch this space for more comment.