NCB Photographic portrait competition - Call for entries

A unique mobile phone photography opportunity for children and young people, aged up to 25. 

For more than 50 years, the National Children’s Bureau has worked to champion the rights of children and young people in the UK. We take the voices of children to the heart of Government, bringing people and organisations together to drive change in society and deliver a better childhood for the UK.

We want to celebrate and showcase the children and young people that we work with by hosting our first photography competition for children and young people. Your work may be used by NCB in our publications and reports, online on our website and social media channels to illustrate the work we do.

We welcome photographs in any style and you can be as traditional or creative as you like. We’re looking for portrait photographs that are unique, characterful, empowering 
and stand out. 

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We have 3 categories open to all entries:

- Best self-portrait 

- Best portrait

Portrait of a child or young person

- Best group portrait

Children and young people together with family members or other children/young people

We ask you to take new photographs for this competition, and to challenge yourself to think about photographic techniques and styles. 

There are a lot of guides online to help assist with this, for example:
• (Skip tip 6 & 7)

The winner of each category will receive a £50 Amazon voucher. 

Use this form to make your submission and enter the competition. 

Competition deadline: Friday 31 July 2020.

Winners will be announced on the NCB website, Friday 7 August. Winners will also be contacted via email.

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Rules and guidelines:

  • We welcome entries moving beyond traditional portrait photography, showcasing you and/or other people engaged in activities. However, ensure that you adhere to lockdown rules when taking the photographs and that the group photographs only showcase permitted interaction.
  • To enter the competition, we will need you and all of the people in the photographs you submit to each sign a media consent form. This must be one consent form per person in the photographs. Please see more information below.
  • You can enter up to 5 photographs in each category. 
  • Please include a description for each photograph. 
  • Photographs must be taken with your mobile phone camera. Photographs will be judged based on their overall quality. Please ensure that the photos are high resolution. 
  • Apps are allowed to be used in order to colour correct or lift and brighten an image, however images with heavy editing or where editing has been used in order to change someone’s appearance are not permitted. 

Media consent

  • To enter the competition, we will need you and all of the people in the photographs you submit to have signed a media consent form.   
  • We need you, who have taken the photographs and hold copyright of these, to give us permission to use the photographs. We also need you and the people in the photos to give consent to have the images of you used by us. 
  • If you, or the people in the photo, are under 16, then a parent/guardian will need to sign the media consent form as well. 

Media consent forms

Adults 16 + Years Old 
Joint Parent/Guardian and Young Person Consent 13-16 Years
Parent/Guardian Consent for Children Under 13 Years

E-signature guidance (if you do not have a printer)

  • If you do not have a printer then you can sign the consent form by first signing a blank piece of paper, take a photo of your signature, and add this to the media consent form word document.

How will we use the photographs?

  • We would like to showcase the children and young people that we work with and might use the images in our publications and online. 
  • If you or your parent/guardian have any questions about media consent and how we will use the photographs, they can contact us on 

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Winners will be announced on the NCB website, Wednesday 1st July. Winners will also be contacted via email.