Children and young people urge Chancellor to put their concerns at the heart of Spending Review #GiveUsACHANCEllor

A group of children and young people have seized a unique opportunity to influence Government spending plans with their own plea to the Chancellor’s Comprehensive Spending Review.

The submission, signed by over 120 children, young people and parents, as well as over 160 organisations working across the children’s sector, will be presented to the Treasury today (24th September) by young people. They are calling on Rishi Sunak to #GiveUsAChancellor by making an urgent investment in mental health, improving education and turning around the crisis facing services for children.

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"The Government needs to provide enough funding to public services to make sure inequalities do not get bigger and child poverty is reduced." Bethen - aged 17.

“Public services did not have enough funding before COVID-19, and are now expected to help the extra people impacted by the pandemic and lockdown. These services need long term funding and help to make sure they can continue to work with each other to help children and families.” Aayushi – aged 13.

“I think that the money should be spent on making sure that children and young people's wellbeing is OK after Covid. Yes, it is important that we all get back into education, but we also need all of the other things that have been taken away from us.” Lucie, aged 11.


The upcoming Comprehensive Spending Review is a critical opportunity to stop children and young people being overlooked in Government policy. The Government’s disjointed, scatter-gun approach to children and families can only be put right with cross-Government investment, informed and directed by their views and experiences.

Anna Feuchtwang, Chief Executive of The National Children’s Bureau, said:

“While children and young people don’t have a vote, they still have a voice and it’s imperative that politicians listen. The Spending Review sets the course for Government over the coming years and it is important that tomorrow’s voters are putting forward their priorities for allocating public funds. We urge the Chancellor to sit up and listen.”

On 24 September, there will be a major children and young people led social media ‘moment’ with our 160 partner organisations to prioritise children’s voices. Children, young people, and the parents’ and carers of babies and young children can join the campaign online using #GiveUsAChancellor.

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