Incredible Years

Commissioned by the PHA to provide strategic support for Incredible Years in NI.

Our Incredible Years® (IY) Northern Ireland series is a set of programmes for children, parents and teachers, designed to improve children’s social, emotional and behavioural skills and school readiness. 

We have been commissioned by the Public Health Agency (PHA) to provide strategic support for Incredible Years programmes in Northern Ireland, ensuring that greater fidelity to the original programme is achieved. 

The IYNI Co-ordination Project will focus on three activities:

  • Strategic coordination of programme delivery across the region

  • Establishment of a learning community to provide continuous support to delivery agents

  • Establishing a standardised monitoring and evaluation system for programme impact and implementation

Read our project summary.

Watch our new video produced for IYNI by STEP. This features some of our project beneficiaries giving their perspectives on IYNI, why they’re involved and how that involvement has enhanced practice and outcomes.

Mapping and Fidelity Report

The Incredible Years® in Northern Ireland Mapping and Fidelity Report (2013–15) is the first study to provide detailed information and learning on Incredible Years in Northern Ireland.

Using the programme delivery year 2013/14, the report includes information about:

  • Programme availability, scale and reach

  • Profiles of participants, practitioners, delivery organisations and commissioners/funders

  • A framework for assessment and actions for enhancing fidelity.

The report will be of interest to anyone currently engaged with or considering engagement with the Incredible Years interventions. 

Download the report.

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