Making Ourselves Heard

United for the full participation of disabled children and young people

About Making Ourselves Heard

Making Ourselves Heard is the leading national network focusing on disabled children and young people’s participation.

We are one of the Council for Disabled Children's specialist networks established to focus exclusively on the participation of children and young people.

We exist to champion the involvement of children and young people at every level and to provide first-class support and training to professionals working in the sector.

We work to ensure that disabled young people's right to be heard becomes a reality by promoting their active participation and ensuring their voices and success stories are heard. We bring together professionals and share information and resources to ensure that disabled children's rights to be involved in decisions. 

Our desire is that disabled children and young people can actively participate in decision-making and influence change. As experts in the field, we provide a forum for organisations, local areas and other interested parties to share information and practice, discuss challenges and possible solutions around disabled young people’s participation.