Understanding Human Trafficking

This LINKS workshop was delivered by Megan Phair from Invisible Traffick, a LINKS grant holder, in February 2022.

Human trafficking is the movement, coercion and exploitation of people for profit and it happens here in Northern Ireland.

There has been a significant increase in human trafficking in this country in the past number of years which is why Invisible Traffick exists. Primarily it is an educator of children and young people but also community members, people within clubs or faith groups.

This workshop explored the following:

  • What human trafficking is and why it is happening
  • Who traffickers are
  • How and why they select different vulnerable young people
  • How practitioners can be alert to the signs of human trafficking among young people they work with
  • How to talk to young people about trafficking
  • What to do if you suspect human trafficking is occurring

Resources from the workshop can be found below.