Supporting LGBTQIA+ Young People & their Families

The LINKS family of organisations is very diverse as are the young people with whom each grant holder works. While there are some organisations working specifically with LGBTQIA+ young people and parents, other grant holders working in other niche or more generic areas also encounter LGBTQIA+ young people.

Sometimes staff and/or volunteers in such organisations are not sure how best to support these young people/parents. They may feel they will use the wrong terminology or not understand each of the sub-sections represented in the initials LGBTQIA.

The aims of this event, held in October 2023, were to:

  • Enable a respectful, open and honest discussion on the needs and issues facing LGBTQIA+ young people and their families
  • Explore how generic youth organisations can support LGBTQIA+ young people/families in addressing these issues
  • Identify the support needs of paid staff and volunteers in providing this support

LINKS grant holders The Rainbow Project, HERe NI and Cara Friend all provided valuable input during this day-long event.