Understanding Adolescent Development and its Application to Practice

This workshop for the LINKS programme was delivered by Dr Mary Magee, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and Registered Chartered Psychologist.  

The aim of the workshop was to explore the theory base of adolescent development as a foundation for effective working relationships with young people.

The workshop included:

  • Theory base for understanding young people

  • Consideration of adult intervention with young people, especially during difficult times

  • Theory to practice - case study work and sharing strategies

On completion of the full day workshop, participants had:

  1. Shared their understanding of the theories of adolescent development as applied to young people in the context of their work.

  2. Considered issues of cognitive development, attachment, personality development and identity when planning intervention.

  3. Explored and reviewed methods of intervention when working with young people, set in the context of developmental trends – what works and why?

Access the resources from the workshop below: