Research exploring impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children, young people and families

In September 2020, NCB’s Research & Policy and Northern Ireland teams launched recruitment for participants in a new qualitative research project to explore the impact which the Covid-19 pandemic is having on children, young people and parents. We are speaking with participants on a monthly basis during the course of the pandemic to document the ways that both the pandemic and associated lockdown is changing the lives of families in different ways.

Conversations with participants cover a range of topics, and will change depending on the age and circumstances of each participant but broadly we will be discussing: how their lives have changed since March 2020; practical impacts, particularly in relation to accessing support services, within the family environment and educational settings; changes in emotional wellbeing or mental health; impact of local or regional lockdowns and restrictions.

Outputs related to the project will be published on this page.

Participant recruitment is continuing and we are particularly interested in talking to more parents and young people in Scotland, to young male participants across the four nations and to young people and parents from BAME communities.

For more information, please contact: Frances Lyons on [email protected].