Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Forum

United against bullying in Northern Ireland

About the Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Forum

The Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Forum (NIABF) is working towards a society where children and young people can live free and feel safe from bullying.

Our Vision

A society where:

  • Bullying is unacceptable and every child and young person is safe and feels safe from bullying.
  • Every child and young person’s diversity is celebrated
  • A preventative, responsive and restorative anti-bullying ethos is developed
  • The views and contribution of children and young people are actively sought, respected and taken into account
  • Everyone understands they have a role to play in taking a stand against bullying.

The Outcomes we work towards


  • Schools and other settings have effective anti-bullying policies which include appropriate preventative and responsive strategies to address bullying behaviour.
  • Parents, carers, teachers and other practitioners working with children and young people have the skills and knowledge to address bullying behaviour and its impact effectively.
  • Children and young people are empowered to become valued participants in anti-bullying policy and practice.
  • The Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Forum is well governed and proactively informed by evidence of need.