Anna Feuchtwang

Anna joined NCB in September 2014 as our Chief Executive.

Anna is NCB’s Chief Executive. Alongside this role, she is Chair of the End Child Poverty Coalition, a member of the UK Trauma Council, a Commissioner on the Fawcett Commission on Gender Stereotyping in Early Childhood, a member of the Nominations Committee for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, co-Chair of the Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP) Board. In addition, Anna is a strategic advisor to the board of Juconi: a specialist charity in Mexico working with highly excluded children.

Before joining NCB in September 2014, Anna was the Chief Executive of EveryChild and a founder of Family for Every Child, a membership organisation for national civil society organisations providing care and protection for children.

Anna has worked in international development for most of her career. She was Oxfam's Head of Communications, the Chair of ActionAid UK and Chair of Bond, the membership organisation for the UK's international development organisations.

After working for Oxfam, Anna became Director of Communications and Public Affairs at the Association of London Government where she worked with London's 33 authorities on child protection issues following the Victoria Climbie case and the introduction of Every Child Matters legislation.