Alison Penny


Alison coordinates the work of the Childhood Bereavement Network (CBN), managing activities and raising funds to bring about change for bereaved children and their families. She also contributes to many other projects across NCB focused on children’s health and well-being.

Alison’s work can involve signposting a widowed parent to their local support service, writing a speech for a parliamentarian, advising a local service about how to demonstrate the difference they make, or planning a training seminar for CBN’s members.

She has been working in the children’s sector for over 12 years. Prior to NCB, she worked for several years with the children and families of people in prison, and before that, with families in an outer city estate.

Alison is currently part-way through a PhD, which is closely related to her work.

“I want my work to help children learn to live with their mum, dad, brother or sister’s death and go on to lead a fulfilling life. I’m constantly impressed by our members’ willingness to share ideas and collaborate, support those setting up new services in areas with little provision, and to come together to make things better for bereaved children and their families.”