Want to join the Young NCB Research Advisors?

As a YRA you will have the opportunity to do many different things:

  • Take part in a conference

  • Comment on research which affects children and young people

  • Share your own views and experiences on topics

  • Meet researchers and policy makers 

  • Meet new people 

  • Have fun at the meetings! We have 4 meetings a year on a Saturday - you would be expected to come to at least two meetings. 

  • Gain skills for your CV - like public speaking and analysis 

  • Get £20 gift voucher as a thank you

  • We also have the occasional big treat such as going to the London Dungeons!


YRA groups: 


  • Main YRA group: The core group - we meet up to 4 times a year and work on various research projects. We encourage applications from boys. 

  • Diabetes specialist group: This group will be looking at several projects about children and young people's experiences of living with diabetes.

  • Health transitions group: This project looks at older young people living with disabilities who may be making the move from children's health care to adult health care.

  • Health app group: Making a mobile phone app for children and young people with health conditions 

  • Children's Rights and the Law group: Looking at what young children know about their legal rights


To join:

Sorry but all groups are currently full.