Listening to the voices of young children training

Recognising and including the voices and reflections of young children is at the heart of early years practice.

Children have a right to have their voice heard and listening to young children brings many benefits to both children and those who work and care for them. It is crucial that young children’s individual needs, preferences, feelings, views and experiences are understood and considered as part of everyday practice. This ensures the ethos of the unique child is kept central and appropriate provision and support is given to each child. It enables young children to develop the sense that they are important and their voice is heard and can make a difference.

Listening to young children is more important than ever as we continue through the coronavirus pandemic. Children will have had many different experiences of the pandemic, and it is vital that young children are given the opportunity to express and talk about these experiences. Those who work and care for young children need to be attuned to the effects of the pandemic on individual children and to provide appropriate support for families and children.

Listening to the voices of young children

This one-day introductory course is for all those who work with young children to find out how to more effectively listen to young children to ensure that their views, wishes and feelings are being considered, and that we are tuning in to their needs and preferences. This course will inspire and enable practitioners to listen to young children and involve them in decisions which affect their lives, through everyday practice.

This introductory course will enable participants to

  • explore the benefits and identify the importance of listening as part of everyday practice.
  • examine the concept of a listening culture and the skills required to support its development.
  • explore the different ‘languages’ through which children communicate and ways to help them express their ideas, feelings and preferences.
  • explore opportunities and barriers in embedding listening and gain skills to support others.
  • reflect on current practice and begin to identify the support, changes and actions needed in order to take work forward.

Listening to the voices of young children is being launched in March 2021 and will be offered at a special introductory price. Initial training will be through live online, interactive delivery, delivered by an experienced trainer.


To book a one-day course for a whole group:

Cost £1800 for 15-20 participants


Please email to discuss or book this training for a group.

Pay-per-place Training days

We are also pleased to be able to offer pay-per-place training days for individuals who wish to book on this training.

Cost:  £149 per person.

New dates coming soon.