Healthy Futures for children and young people through an Energy Bill Revolution

NCB supports the Energy Bill Revolution campaign which asks the government to reinvest the money it receives from carbon taxes to make our homes super energy-efficient. This will push down fuel bills, make houses warmer, cut wasted energy and help to reduce our carbon emissions. You can sign the petition to help end fuel poverty at

Currently one in four households has to spend over 10% of their income to keep their homes warm - which means they are living in fuel poverty. With gas and oil prices expected to continue to rise, it is estimated that the number of households living in fuel poverty will rise by 40 per cent by 2016.

Over one million families with children under 16 are already struggling to pay their fuel bills. These children are more likely to suffer from illnesses like asthma, have mental health problems and have to take time off school. Many families have to cut back on other outgoings such as paying for food, clothing and leisure activities.

Read about the impacts of fuel poverty on children and young people in our briefing .

NCB's young media champions

NCB worked to ensure that the voices, stories and views of children and young people were heard clearly throughout this campaign. Central to this was the development of a team of young media champions ready to speak out and advocate on behalf of other young people.

The young media champions shared their knowledge and passion for the issue far and wide.  Some started on a small scale encouraging family, friends and schoolmates to sign up to the petition. While one Young NCB member had the chance to present at a national conference.

Watch a video made by the young media champions:


Profiles of the young media champions can be seen here.

More photos of the young media champions can be seen here.

Click here to find some answers to questions about fuel poverty.

Becoming Climate Smart

NCB and the Institute for Development Studies worked with children's charities to understand and connect sustainability to their core purpose. The project culminated in guidance for children's organisations on becoming Climate Smart.

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