What is PEAR?

PEAR - which stands for Public health, Education, Awareness, Research - was an NCB Research Centre project supporting young people's involvement in public health research. The project ran from 2008-2010, supported by the Wellcome Trust. The PEAR group was made up of 20 young people, aged 13-18, from London and Leeds.

The project supported young people to contribute to UK public health research and decisions being made about public health issues by:

- Helping young people to learn about public health research and policy (policy is what the government is saying and doing about public health issues).

- Supporting young people to share their views and priorities about public health research and policy.

- Supporting young people to explain and publicise research findings to other young people.

- Helping young people to explain to other young people what research is saying and how things might affect them.

The PEAR project has now finished, but you can find out about the work we did and access resources on these webpages. For more information about other work NCB Research Centre are doing to involve childen and young people please go to the research pages.

  • Our guidance for researchers on how to involve young people in research is available via the link below.
  • An evalution report on the PEAR project is available <here>
  • Presentations from our conference are available <here>
  • The report and summary of the research we commissioned on the impact of cyberbullying on mental health is available <here> 

Our Research Report

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Our Guidance for researchers

Young people in research: How to involve us