Your Life and Their Life leaflets

Your Life leaflets

The six Your Life leaflets are for young people who have HIV and are aged between about 15 and 25, though young people may find Life Looking Forward in particular useful from 13 onwards. You can find downloadable versions below (click the leaflet title or image), but hard copies may be obtained by completing this order form and emailing it to

Most of the leaflets include stories from young people living with HIV, and all contain links to other sources of information and support.

Their Life leaflet

Their Life is for parents and carers of young people who are living with HIV. Find out more.


Life Looking Forward

looking forward cover

This leaflet covers:

  • Feeling safe and well, looking after yourself and being a normal young person

  • Getting on with family members

  • Becoming a parent

  • Transition from paediatric to adult HIV health services.


Sharing in Life

sharing cover

This leaflet covers:

  • Making decisions about whether or not to tell somebody in your life about your HIV

  • How to go about telling somebody, and dealing with their reaction

  • Telling sexual partners, and the law around HIV transmission.

We would like to thank the Children's HIV Association of the UK and Ireland (CHIVA) for its input into Sharing in Life.


Life and Rights

rights cover

This leaflet covers:

  • The laws and regulations that protect the rights of people who have HIV

  • How to handle issues around discrimination at work and in other settings

  • Confidentiality

  • The law around HIV transmission.


Student Life

student cover

This leaflet covers:

  • The educational options open to young people who have HIV

  • Deciding whether and how to tell your college or university that you have HIV

  • Living away from home and dealing with student life

  • Practical, emotional and financial support for students.

You may also wish to look at Studying with HIV.


Working Life

working cover

This leaflet covers:

  • The range of jobs that people living with HIV are able to do, and where to look for work

  • How people who have HIV are protected from discrimination and breaches of confidentiality at work

  • Deciding whether and how to discuss HIV with employers

  • Managing HIV at work, and accessing benefits if you're unable to work.


Independent Life

independent life cover

This leaflet covers:

  • Finding somewhere to live and transferring your healthcare if moving to a new area

  • Coping with independent living and being in shared accommodation

  • Accessing work and benefits.


Their Life

their life cover

This leaflet is for the parents and carers of HIV positive young people. It covers:

  • The feelings parents and carers may have about their children growing up

  • What young people who have HIV need from their parents and carers as they develop into adults

  • Communicating about HIV, sex and relationships with young people

  • Changes in healthcare, how to help young people cope with these, and how they may impact on parents and carers.