Developmental Journals

The Early Support Developmental Journals are designed to help families, teachers and other practitioners better support development especially where children or young people have special educational needs and disabilities. The Journals are easy-to-use tools to help with observing, recording and celebrating progress, and to identify areas where extra help and support may be needed. All the Journals are guided by the ethos of Early Support, and aim to empower families and put them at the heart of decision-making, supported by a co-ordinated keyworking approach.

The main body of each Journal consists of milestones that parents, teachers and other practitioners can easily observe in the course of everyday life. The Journals provide information on development and allow families to build a record of achievement for their child.

There are different Developmental Journals, so you may need to consider which is most suitable for your child. It may help to discuss this with practitioners who work with you and your family.


Developmental journals for specific childhood conditions or disabilities

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