Lady Allen of Hurtwood Archive

Lady Allen of Hurtwood (1897-1976) was a landscape architect, and campaigner and advocate for children's rights and welfare. She was a founder leader of OMEP: The World Organisation for Early Childhood Education, and she worked with UNESCO and UNICEF on international projects. In terms of children's play, she is remembered for her passionate interest in adventure playgrounds and in planning for children's play.

"The Adventure Playground quite simply tries to answer one question: What kind of play did we all most enjoy when we were young and how can we best provide these opportunities in a crowded city?"
(Lady Allen, 1961).

She was a founder member of the International Playground Association and The Handicapped Adventure Playground Association, which set up adventure playgrounds for disabled children.

Lady Allen also wrote a number of books and pamphlets, including Adventure Playgrounds (1961), Design for Play (1965) and  Planning for Play (1968).

The archive is held by the Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick Library, and includes various papers, articles, photographs and press cuttings.

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