Inquiry 2016: Children's social care

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Children has launched a new inquiry into children's social care. This is being coordinated by NCB in our capacity as secretariat for the Group. Please see terms of reference. The APPGC plans to report the findings of the inquiry in early 2017.

This inquiry aims to:

  • bring together evidence about the current resourcing of children's social care services and changes in the nature and level of demand

  • explore the impact (or potential impact) of these changes on the delivery of children's social care services and on children and young people

  • build a picture of the key elements of a successful children's services department and the challenge facing areas that are struggling to improve, and share examples of good practice

  • assess whether changes are needed to policy and legislation in order to improve the delivery of children's social care services and in turn outcomes for children

  • identify any learning that can be shared from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The first inquiry meeting was held on 18 April - minutes.

The second inquiry meeting was held on 9 May - minutes.

The third meeting was held on 6 June.

The fourth meeting will be held on 11 July focussing on the Children Act 1989.

Please e-mail to confirm attendance.

 The APPGC would like to hear from local authorities and children's sector stakeholders about the current state of arrangements for the provision of children's social care - including statistical information and case studies. Please download the call for evidence form.  A letter has been sent to all Directors of Children's Services